mainland vehicles direct passage to HK

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Some brain-for-shit HK government officials came up with a brilliant idea to allow a limited amount of the mainland drivers to be able to drive directly to Hong Kong for visits.   The HK Chief Eunuch Secretary Stephen Lam announced, without any public consultation, that the first stage of this policy will be carried out in March 2012, when most of the gullible HKers still don't know what hits them.    
Seriously, are these top HK officials and legislators (who just shamelessly demanded their salaries be adjusted from HK $70k to $140k a month) out of their fucking minds?   Have they seen the way the mainland drivers drive in China?   After all these shit going on in HK recently including the whole "anti-locusts" sentiments and the mainland pregnant women issues, do they realize this is reaching the boiling point and the HK locals can take it no more?
And how the HK laws be applied to these mainland drivers?   If they are speeding, are you going to track them down in some village in Henan province?    What if they kill somebody on the road?   Have they ever thought of the likely situation of a lot more pregnant women using this as a mean to come across the border to give births?   What when some hotshot mainlander parks his Bentley which blocks the entire Canton road and proclaims the party secretary of the Shandong province is his father when asked by the police his licence?    
Remember just a few months ago when the government demanded for the higher first vehicles registration tax rate so they can control the pollution from too many cars on the road?   So why the fuck now when all the sudden the government just turns around and tells everyone more cars are welcomed to HK?    Also have these assholes living in government mansions ever came down to the earth and experienced the traffic in HK?   When more cars are from China can you imagine how it is like for say, the cross harbour tunnel?   I mean Jesus just how dumb fuck can these people be in the HK government?  Or do they give a shit?
Lets take a look at this footage for a mainland driver in China.   You cannot believe this shit.


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