a photo collection: mainlanders shitting and urinating in public

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It is not uncommon to see mainland parents helping their kids urinate in public, or take a dump on the roadside for all to see.   This is now everywhere and nowhere to hide and you just have to live with the fact that this place is swamped by visitors whom never passed the first stage of basic toilet trainings.   
Sometimes it’s just unbelievable how nasty people allow themselves to be in public – there are public restrooms everywhere, but for the mainlanders it is just a natural thing to do.   Shitting in public is apparently an acceptable practice in the mainland, and if you don't like it you can just go fuck yourself.
Here is a photo collection mostly from the Golden Forum.

Shit on the floor while the other passengers watch without any facial expression.

Mainland parents doing the clean-up after the shit erupted in the middle of the mall

This one displays a little more consideration as the mother thinks of using a bottle

A now classic picture.  A kid shitting while visiting the Disneyland.   A pile of dump can be clearly seen with a piece of toilet paper on top.

This one is clearly mistaken an MTR trash can as a public toilet stand  

Another shit collection by the parents.   At least they brother to pick it up

A pile of water on the floor after the kid urinates.   See the mother's big smile with major satisfaction. 

another trash-can as toilet situation

Not sure if this is piss or shit.  Could be both.

I can almost smell it from here


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