Hong Kong people are a bunch of dogs, bastards, traitors, and assholes according to Kong Qing-Dong

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According to Kong Qing-Dong (孔慶東) - a Peking University professor,  Hong Kong people are a bunch of dogs, bastards, traitors, and assholes
Apparently this 73rd generation descendant of Confucius who heads the annual inside joke - the Confucius Peace Prize, was upset after the recent incident between mainland tourists eating on the MTR with local passengers.  
Some of his takes:
- People in Hong Kong do not speak the Kingdom's official language "Putonghua", and therefore they are assholes.
- People who cannot / do not speak Putonghua are morally and intelligently inferior, and thus do not share the same moral standing as those who speak.
-  Hong Kongers still miss the Brits and refuse to fully integrate with the new master.  They are dogs and traitors who look down on the mainlanders.
- The only thing good about HK is the rule of laws, which is some kind of a leftover by the Brits anyway.   And orderly behaviors out of the rule of laws are at best superficial as they are not coming from the hearts.   Another evidence that HKers are bastards.
​While this moron has again successfully made his 15 minutes of fame on the internet, this unholy combination of self-absorbed, shallow, arrogant, presumptuous scum shows us an example of how assholeness knows no end.    Confucius must have rolled over in his grave knowing some self-promoting dickhead who claims to be his descendant keeps making a goddamn fool out of himself.   
And again,  do not fucking come to HK if you don't like it.   No one welcomes you.


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