mainland woman at border

2012/02/09 Labels:

Another out-of-control mainland woman captured on screen.   This one was trying to cross the border to HK using the e-channel but failed.   Instead of getting back to the manual customs clearance line, like what she was supposed to do, her automatic reflex by default inside her little brain triggered the non-stop screaming in Putonghua.
The on-duty customs officer at one point stated that she was already in HK territory and demanded her to speak Cantonese, the local language.    This obviously enraged the mainlander even further and questioned if the officer were Chinese.    The officer instead replied saying he is from HK.   The piss-off woman then exclaimed "what's so great about HK?" 
Of course HK is nothing great so maybe she should stay away from the here and find somewhere else to treat her mental problems.  As for the officer, I think what he was showing as something known as good sense and guts - all the characteristics not preferable within the HK government.    It's time he may want to update his resume.


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