The DOLCE & GABBANA PR disaster

2012/01/07 Labels:

To be honest, I was unaware of the existance of a brand "D&G" before this incidence - which involved its flagship shop resided on Canton Rd TST (a fallen occupied zone by the mainlanders with shitload of cash for super expensive crap in HK) and a few locals who attempted to take photos in front of the store.

Apparently the store's refusal to allow photos to be taken even from the public walkway by the locals had caused public outcry in these few days. What pissed the HKers off even further was the ostensive discrimination demonstrated when only those who D&G deemed to be the potential "real" customers (i.e. the mainlanders) are welcomed to take their iphone shots freely.

So yestersday a group of angry local mobs gathered in front of the store for their photo-op campaign against the shop. Someone even managed to illegally park two Pagani Zonda sportcars on the sideway during the event (some suggested they belonged to the store owners who would like to see their cars burned).

For this company DogShit & Garbage, I do extend my benefit of the doubt. Since they cannot possibly fuck this PR up so badly so willfully, it must have been a masterminded new campaign for the store's turnaround strategy. It's been successful so far as at least now even a caveman like me know about this supposedly hotshot Italian brand specialized in shitty looking overpriced begs just for the riches from the north.


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