Donald Tsang's tearful public performance

2012/03/04 Labels:

don't make me cry...
None can leave the office gracefully - that may be the curse on all HK Chief Executives after 1997.   Tung Chee-hwa was kicked out in 2003 when Beijing decided to cut the loose, and now with bow-tie Tsang who made history to be the first CE ever investigated by the ICAC, had been crushed and humiliated in public during the Q&A session in the Legislative Council.    To a man who is as arrogant, self-righteous, pompous as he is, it must have been a painful experience for him to admit any wrongdoing, and good TV moment for all to watch him grilled in public.

Some of the responses from Donald during the drilling session.
"The chain of events has created concerns among the media and public, civil servants and lawmakers and also shaken the public's belief in Hong Kong's system.  For this I sincerely apologize to the public."

Yes.   Mistakes had been made.    So official, red-taped, machine-like statement that takes no one responsible.   Press 1 for the manual, press 2 for the operator....
"I am here not to restore people's confidence towards me, but to restore public confidence in the government's system."
Who gives a shit about you?   Of course it is about the system - the only thing Hong Kong can rely on and is now damaged by a selfish little man like you.
"Some residents now think the chief executive is corrupt. I have always abided by the rules but I admit there is a gap between public expectation and the handling of this issue, which has led to public disappointment and questions about my integrity."
So this is a gap between public expectation and the handling of this issue.   Poor baby this is after all nobody's fault, it's just somehow a thing call public expectation no one told Sir Tsang about until maybe last Tuesday.    Anyone in the government does the very same thing he did would be in jail be now.
"I have been a civil servant for over 45 years in Hong Kong, and I have learned a big lesson. After consulting with my wife, we will give up our flat in Shenzhen."
This is the only moment I think his sobbing was sincere.  
 I am not sorry for Donald Tsang as he got what he deserved - his legacy, if any, has been ruined beyond repair.   Apologies won't cut this.    He needs to step down amid the ongoing corruption investigation.


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