the 2012 Hong Kong CE election fiasco update

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As the two major contesters - namely Henry Tang "the Pig" and CY Leung "the Wolf" - entered the semi-final for the HK CE election, only one conclusion can be reached - either way Hong Kong is fucked.

Henry and new girlfriend
After proven himself again as a bona fide playboy with an IQ of around 90 who would push his wife off from an running train without hesitation, Henry the Pig had submitted his nomination papers and officially become a candidate for the "electron" remote-controlled by Beijing.   With around 300 nominations mainly from the major developers, prominent tycoons, and the local elites who represent the small circle's interests of the establishment, as if it is not already obvious enough as to who will be actually calling the shots when he was to be elected.

Tang wife's admission of self fault for picking a lame husband
The funny thing is the whole thing turned out to be totally off Beijing's original script when even the most seasoned experts inside Zhongnanhai underestimated Tang's incompetence and recklessness.    With this kind of popularity, one normally cannot even hope to get a head prefect job in a kindergarden election; but Tang's decision to rush to the election office to file the papers one day after the scandal pretty much kidnapped all the bloodsucking tycoons to leave them no choice but to support him till the end of time - which a) makes the tycoons look like a punch of assholes (which they are) and b) shows the world he is not as gullible as what the media had suggested.  

On the other hand we have Leung the Wolf, who received 292 nominations - a considerable number given what his campaign is generally regarded as a "sideshow" from Beijing to project an image of a competitive election.    After a few good days when the Pig found himself in deep mud last week, Leung's fortunes cut short when his own dirt was uncovered by the government - which is supposedly neutral but actually is anything but - about the apparently conflict of interest case where he failed to declare that his company was associated with a participant in a competition for concepts for the West Kowloon reclamation project.   What's juicy about this is his utter lack of integrity and self-restrain.    Take a look:

His declaration "I am not a director or major shareholder of any company" speaks of itself.   This man can saying anything and tell any lies just to get what he wants, including making false statements in legally binding documents.    Now it is clear that in the selection process Leung voted overwhelmingly for the company tied to him.

Another man in deep shit this week is Donald Tsang, who could face impeachment proceedings if he fails to give a full account of favours he's received from tycoons which included his trips on private jets and yachts, as well as the "gift from the developer" concerning a retirement penthouse which boasts of a dozen rooms and multiple toilets according to leaked floor plans.

No wonder why the WSJ had a story with the title "Hong Kong Was Better Under the British."    You don't say.

Bonus track:   Love email letters exchange between Tang and his new found girlfriend.

(Henry to ‘Baby’) 18-01-2010 18 4:16pm
I know things are happening very fast.? I gazed at the sofa in my office the very first moment I walked in this morning, and I stare at it every moment I have.

It was a magical moment, slow, tender, yet full of excitement that tingled my every senses.?It was a moment of love expressed in full sensation, both physically and mentally, that bonded our hearts together.

It was fate that brought us together, and I will make every effort to make it our destiny to stay together.

I love you baby…..

(‘Baby’ to Henry) 19-1-2010 11:33am
My love,

This is going to be a long journey for us …and there will be lots of obstacles ahead.... We have to be strong to get through this together…. I truly hope that we can resolve all the difficulties with the least casualties..

I will make our every moment together joyous with no regrets…Until u find “your way” in 2012…

Looking forward to our next gathering makes me happy :-)      

Your baby..

(Henry to ‘Baby’) 19-1-2010
Re: Love

My baby,
I love you deeply and I want to overcome all the obstacles that lay ahead of us.? Its not going to be easy, as you are all aware of the challenges, but I will make every effort to resolve them together with you.? I want to tell you that having made love with you last week strengthened my love for you, and made me more determined to make this work.?

I understand that not everything is under my control in my unique circumstances.? But I will share my thinking with you…….I want to walk this path together with you……

Love forever,


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