Taiwan - our last best hope

2012/01/15 Labels: ,

As expected, Ha won the second term as Taiwan's president.    I would say the island of Taiwan is the last best hope of freedom and democracy in a Chinese soil.   Despite all its faults, Taiwan has become more mature in developing a civil society with fair election, the limitation of its government, and the preservation of individual freedom - all these things that Hong Kong once enjoyed and are now evaporated through gradual self-castration and Beijing's careful colonization.
The defeated candidate - Tsai's concession speech was well-written, gracious, and touching.
'I admit our support was not enough,' Tsai said. 'We need to improve on our campaigning and get better at spreading our message. I take full responsibility for the loss.' 
'Tonight I believe we are all disappointed.  We can cry, but we cannot be discouraged.   We are wounded but we cannot give up, for we have our responsibilities.   We still need to keep on fighting in defense of this land.   Wherever we are we always love and cherish this land and this country."
This is the kind of democratic tradition we are talking about.
On the other side of the coast, here in Hong Kong we'll have our own CE electron next year.   Only 1200 hand-picked Beijing loyalists are allowed to vote and as we all know the result has already been decided.   The two running candidates - one who is aggressive and cunning and the other one considered to be somewhat "slow" and seemingly with minor retard.    Beijing seems to opt for the retarded one for the moment - and yes we are fucked as always.


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