Dirty Henry

2012/02/16 Labels:

Remember just a few days ago when Henry Tang proclaimed "a man should have shoulders" who takes responsibilities for his own actions?    So what happened to his shoulders this evening when he apparently blamed all these to his poor wife, as if he has never made a single important decision on his own in his entire life as a carefree rich kid born with a silver spoon in his mouth?
This is just beyond me when a man of this remarkably low level of intelligence and integrity is likely to become the next chief executive - a man who had achieved next to nothing in his entire tenure as a key government official, who found himself in one scandal after another, and now who stands behind a woman when facing incoming missiles.  What a fucking loser.
Sure poor Henry was caught again this time for not even being a remotely competent liar, when his illegally constructed underground compound came to light by the media this week.   When given a chance to come clean last October when the media inquired if such a structure existed, Tang denied it outright.   The basement, however, turns out to be about 2400 square meters - the size of a fucking tennis count which can withstand nuclear attacks.  
Yesterday he still put up a straight face saying it was all really a big misunderstanding, and had no intention to hide anything.    Tonight tears in the couple's eyes begging for forgiveness.   Maybe he thinks he can get away with it this time as if the rest of HKers are as retarded as he is.   I would say he may well just be able to survive this and win the election anyway - as we all know the general public in HK is irrelevant when it comes to picking the next CE.


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