mainland drunk chick in HK tram

2012/01/07 Labels: ,

Another seemingly mentally questionable mainland auntie who happened to be influranced by alcohol - made her appearance in the news this week.     According to the story, after her failure to catch the tram by chasing it on foot for a couple blocks, she basically forced herself on the rail for the tram to stop.   Once she finally got in, the lady had begun to release the kraken with all her screaming and yelling to the degree of totally fucking losing control.   That explained the police.

While the HK police force is well known for its swift actions against street protestors and political dissentients, in this case they decided an attempt to talk her out of the situation (for like 20 fucking minutes) hoping her sanity might somehow magically come back, before their patience ran out and finally locked her away.

It is pretty funny to see when one of the passengers kept asking her if she is from the mainland, as all the characteristics displayed from this individual resemble the stereotype of a completely disfunational bitch from our great motherland.


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