When Heaven Burns

2012/01/04 Labels:

This happened a few days ago, when a group of harmless dudes jaming music in street corner somewhere in Causeway Bay. Such a thing wouldn't raise an eyebrow in places like New York, London, or any other civilized cities around the globe, but in HK the police will stop you and have your ID checked!

While the govenement had spent billions of HK taxpayer's blood money on the "West Kowloon" cultural project (another giant goldmine for the big 4 real estate developers of course), and yet you will be crushed if you try to do anything cultural in public display.

And guess what? In any given day the streets are full of commercial stands set by various cable, phone, fitness companies occupying the public walkways selling shit, the police does nothing.

I'm not at all surprised about this incident. After all this city is dying ( a current catchphrase after a recent TVB hit show "When Heaven Burns".

And BYW, Fuck you HK police.


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